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The City of Peru was awarded $3 millon grant through the Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program (ITEP) to construct a pedestrian bridge over Rte. 251.

The shared use path will begin at N. Peoria Street and connect to the existing path installed as part of the N. Peoria Street widening project. From N. Peoria the path will extend east, just north of Hyvee, and pass between Pizza Hut and the bank, where it will cross over Rte. 251 via a pedestrian bridge.  On the east side of Rte. 251, the path will continue east, just north of Liberty Village, then turn north along the Becker Drive right-of-way (extended) to Wenzel Road. At Wenzel Road the path will continue east and connect into the new shared use path constructed as part of the Pohar’s Crossing subdivision.