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Child Car Seat Installations

Studies show that over 80% of child car seats are not installed properly. Is yours? The Peru Police Department offers car seat installations free of charge. We have seven certified car seat technicians on our staff that can inspect your seat and make sure that it is as safe as possible for your child. If not, they can install it and show you how to do it right. You can come to the police station and determine if a certified officer is on duty and available or you may schedule an appointment by calling (815) 223-2151 extension 0.

Traffic Enforcement Requests / Speed Trailer

The Peru Police Department has a speed trailer, which is used in areas where the Department receives complaints of excessive speeding. The trailer shows the speed of each vehicle as it approaches the trailer. The trailer records the speeds so PPD can check how many vehicles pass through the area and how fast they are traveling. This trailer is not being used to photograph vehicles and drivers for subsequent traffic violation notices. If you believe there is speeding problems in your neighborhood please contact the department so your location can be put onto the list for trailer placement. Please remember, that this piece of equipment is extremely popular with residents and we have many requests for its use. If you have any traffic related problems in your neighborhood such as speeding, stop sign violations, etc. we ask that you make a Traffic Enforcement Request by calling 223.2151 and ask to speak to the shift commander or simply email [email protected]. We will then take the steps necessary to respond to your request.

Block Parties

If you are planning a block party and would like to request permission to temporarily close a portion of your street, the City Council has a policy and process to review and approve those requests. The Police Department is charged with carrying out that policy. Applications should be submitted a minimum of 14 days in advance. Once approved, and when necessary the Public Works Department will deliver barricades to you on the last working day prior to the party and will pick them up on the first working day after the party. More details about this policy and process are available