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Officer Querciagrossa began down the law-enforcement path in 2009 when he was enrolled IVCC’s law-enforcement program.

He transferred to Western Illinois University where he would obtain a bachelor’s degree in Law-Enforcement and Justice Administration as well as Computer Science.

Officer Querciagrossa began his law-enforcement career in 2013 when he started as a part-time patrolman for the Granville Il. Police Department. In 2014 he was also hired as a part time patrolman for the Village of Ladd Il. Officer Querciagrossa continued to serve on both departments until 2015 when he was hired full time as a patrolman for the Princeton Il. Police Department. In 2016, Officer Querciagrossa was hired as a patrolman for the Peru Il. Police Department where he continues to serve the citizens of Peru to this day.