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Peru Municipal Building Update Regarding COVID-19

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Peru Municipal Building will be closed to foot traffic until further notice. Clerk's Office hours are 9am-1pm Monday through Friday. Utility bill payments can be made by phone, online at www.peru.il.us or placed in the drop box. No processing fees will be applied. We appreciate your cooperation in preparing for the safety of our residents. The City will continue to take steps to keep residents, staff, and visitors healthy, safe and informed.

Officer Querciagrossa began down the law-enforcement path in 2009 when he was enrolled IVCC’s law-enforcement program.

He transferred to Western Illinois University where he would obtain a bachelor’s degree in Law-Enforcement and Justice Administration as well as Computer Science.

Officer Querciagrossa began his law-enforcement career in 2013 when he started as a part-time patrolman for the Granville Il. Police Department. In 2014 he was also hired as a part time patrolman for the Village of Ladd Il. Officer Querciagrossa continued to serve on both departments until 2015 when he was hired full time as a patrolman for the Princeton Il. Police Department. In 2016, Officer Querciagrossa was hired as a patrolman for the Peru Il. Police Department where he continues to serve the citizens of Peru to this day.