City of Peru, Illinois  61354

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Public Works


1901 Fourth Street
Peru, IL 61354
Phone (815) 223-2962

Public Works Administrative Services Manager:  Douglas Bernabei
Public Services Manager: Jeff King

Contact Public Works

  • Water/Meters/Sewers/Storm Sewers
  • Streets & Alleys
  • Buildings & Grounds
  • Cemetery
  • Landfill/Compost Site
  • City Parks
  • City Garage

The Water Department is responsible for all water-main extensions, and repairs, hydrant repair and replacement, water utility locates, low pressure and rusty water complaints, hydrant flushing, emergency water-main breaks etc.  They will aslo supply all new meters and repair existing meters.

Total Envirornmental Service Technologies Incorporated, TEST Inc ( maintains the operation of the City of Peru's water and wastewater systems.

The Sewer/Storm Sewer Department inspects and repairs all sewers, catch basins, manholes, and lift stations.They are responsible for maintaining sewer equipment including jet rodders, locators, gas detectors, etc.  Duties also include keeping catch basins free of debris. 

The Street Department repair the City roads, parking lots, and rights of way.  They are also in charge of all traffic signage, including street signs. 

The Street Department responds to chipping service requests which is a seasonal program that starts in late March or early April and continues until late fall, weather permitting.  Chipping charges are $20.00 for each 15 minute intervals that the chipper is at a residence.  Homeowners are asked to pile the brush at the curb and call 815-223-2962 to schedule  service.  Leaf vacuuming is another seasonal program, usually starting late October and continuing through the week before Thanksgiving, weather permitting.  Collection schedules of the vacuuming routes are in the City calendar.  Snow plowing is also part of the Street Dept duties in winter and Street Sweeping is scheduled for spring, summer and early fall.

The Superintendent also oversees Buildings and Grounds maintenance.  He handles repairs to Public Works buildings such as the City Garage, Illinois Valley Airport, Park Garage, and Cemetery office and all the grounds that they encompass.

The Cemetery Department is in charge of burials, grave and ground maintenance, burial records, etc.  

The Landfill/Compost Site Foreman is in charge chipping service compost, and construction debris, etc.  The Foreman is a State-licensed landfill operator.

The Park Department is responsible for all Park maintenance, i.e. grass cutting, park equipment repair and replacement, and playground equipment maintenance, etc.  

The City Garage employs two mechanics who are responsible for maintaining all vehicles and equipment for the Public Works Dept. including the Chipper, Street Sweeper, Snow Plows etc.