City of Peru, Illinois  61354

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Click on the links below to direct a question to your city officials.


Ask Your Mayor

Scott Harl

Mayor Scott Harl photo


Ask the City Clerk

Dave Bartley


Ask the Treasurer

Jackson Powell

Jackson Powell Treasurer City of Peru, Illinois




Ask the
City Engineer

Eric Carls, P.E.

City Engineer Eric Carls Engineer 

Ask the
Public Services Department

 Administrative Services
Manager:  Douglas Bernabei

 Public Services Manager:Jeff King

  • Water/Meters/Sewers/Storm Sewers
  • Streets & Alleys
  • Buildings & Grounds
  • Cemetery
  • Landfill/Compost Site
  • City Parks
  • City Garage

Ask the Building
& Zoning Inspector

Inspector:  Jeff King

Ask the Economic
Development Director

Bob Vickrey 



Ask the
Chief of Police

Douglas Bernabei


Ask the
Fire Chief

 Jeff King


Ask the
Finance Officer

Justin Miller

Finance Officer Justin Miller


 Ask Your City Council/Alderman

Click Here to ask the Full Council/Aldermen

First Ward: Second Ward: 

Jeff Ballard

jeff ballard 1st ward alderman city of peru, illinois

Tony Ferrari

Tony Ferrari

Tom Payton

 Alderman Payton

Mike Radtke

Alderman Radtke

Third Ward: Fourth Ward: 

David Waldorf

Alderman Waldorf

Mike Sapienza

Alderman Sapienza

Jim Lukosus



Aaron Buffo