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Political signs. The following regulations shall apply to all political signs. (Amended by Ordinance No. 4885 March 12, 2012)

(1)          Permits. Political signs shall be exempt from the permit requirements of this section.

(2)          Location-Private property. Signs are not allowed on the public right of way.

(3)          Sign Display- All Zoning Districts- Business, Manufacturing and Residential Zoning.

(4)          Not more than one sign per candidate or referendum position shall be permitted on private property. The number of different candidates or referendum positions for which signs may be displayed is limited to 6 signs total.

(5)          A sign for each candidate or referendum position shall be limited to 16 square feet. A limit of one sign per yard per candidate. Total area of all signs permitted is 48 square feet.

(6)          Signs may be up to 5 feet in height from the ground to the top of the sign. The height restriction does not apply to a political election sign that may be displayed in a window.

(7)          All signs must be maintained so that they are legible and in good repair

(8)          Duration- Residential- No Restriction, but it is recommended that signs are only put up 60 days in advance of any election in order to preserve the character of the community. It is also recommended that signs must be maintained and must look reasonable during this period.

(9)          Non-residential property, Manufacturing, Business and Agricultural- political signs are allowed only during the period beginning forty-five (45) days before the election and ending five (5) days after the election.