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Transparent Peru is The City of Peru's initiative to provide citizens the ability to see their tax dollars in action. This feature will allow the public unprecedented access to the City's finances by giving them the ability to look at different types of financial reports.

How Your Money is Spent
The first Transparent Peru application available to the public will give citizens access to review by weekly disbursements exactly as the Finance & Safety Services Committee sees them. This application will show how the City spends money from the fund level to the department level all the way down to pay a vendor. If you want to see how the City spends its money, you can find it here.

  folder Disbursements

Actual Money Received
This application will show that citizens of Peru a monthly summary report of cash received by the City Clerk's Office.

  folder Clerks Report of Cash Received

The report below details all proposed revenue and expenses for the City of Peru.

folder Budget

folder Audits

Purchasing Policy
The purchasing policy was adopted by ordiance on January 20, 2020. 

Purchasing Policy 2020

If you have questions about Transparent Peru please contact Finance Officer Justin Miller or City Clerk Dave Bartley